Luca DamascoLinked In

Luca likes making things that help people make things. He has a background in Computer Science and Art, and focuses on developing accessible tools for artists and creative users. Prior to joining the MHCI program, Luca has worked for Riot Games as a Technical Artist, contributed to The Processing Foundation’s Python mode project, and co-created

Shen LuLinked In

Shen has a background in architecture. Before joining CMU, she worked as an architectural designer in San Francisco. Shen is experienced with both 2D and 3D design techniques, user research, prototyping and usability testing. Outside work, she enjoys karaoke and doing figure drawings.

Ravi MorbiaLinked In

Ravi has a background in Sociology and Web Design. Prior to MHCI, he worked for over a year as a UI designer at Novatraq. Ravi’s experience includes information architecture and analysis of user task flows as well as designing and prototyping high fidelity, interactive interfaces. Ravi enjoys drawing, playing video games, and hiking.

Viba SubramaniamLinked In

Viba’s passion lies in understanding human behavior in order to design experiences that enrich people’s lives. She has a background in Economics and behavioral research. She was a UX Researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank of SF, informing design decisions on data dashboards, financial reporting apps, and podcasts. In her (not-so) free time, she loves to scuba-dive, paint, and sing at the top of her lungs.

Ann PengLinked In

Coming from a background in psychology, Ann is passionate about translating human needs into the design of digital interaction through a human-centered approach. She is experienced with both qualitative and quantitative research, rapid prototyping and high-fidelity interface design. She likes going to different cafes and is secretly a K-pop listener. :)