Original Prompt


Change Over Time

The original prompt suggested we attempt to redirect users with immediate medical issues by providing information and services through a mobile app. Information such as distance to care, average treatment times, or services such as communication channels with physicians.

Over the course of several months, we researched decision making criteria, healthcare pain points, challenges, and successes of urgent medical visits.

We explored ways in which we could provide a more holistic healthcare experience and direct individuals to an appropriate place of care when needed. Below are three key research insights that evolve our problem.


Key Insight #1

Preconceived Notions

Our first key insight is that people’s preconceived notions about care, direct them on where to go when they need medical attention.

People choose a place based on proximity, cost, familiarity, affiliation and perceived quality of care. They care about how close a place is, how much it costs, how well they will be treated, and how well they know it.

Key Insight #2

In-the-Moment Persuasion

The second key insight is that at the time a medical incident occurs, it is almost impossible to persuade someone on what actions to take after they’ve made a decision, due to their emotional state and preconceived notions.

Key Insight #3

Lack of Knowledge

There is a general lack of awareness around key healthcare knowledge and skill concepts which lead to poor decision making.

Our Goal

Best Match Care

Ensuring patients get the care that best fits their medical needs is a win for the patient, and the insurer. Patients get the care they need at the lowest cost while also minimizing costs for the insurer and healthcare provider.


Redefining Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a more effective and sustainable way of empowering individuals, by equipping them with knowledge and skills they need to make an educated decision at the time of a medical emergency. We strive to instill behavior change that will be reflected in one’s decision making process.

Knowledge and skills equal better decision making.